What is XephStratus?

XephStratus is a different way of conceiving Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We provide computing resources through a flexible utility model.

We provide the right combination of RAM, CPU, storage and bandwidth that each client needs and adapting to changes over time. You can find more information by visiting our section What is the Cloud?

What does utility computing involve?

Utility computing models switch the computing resource in assets that can be turned-off and use over time in a manner similar to what happens by hiring a service of electricity or water supply, customers benefit from the minimization of waste and from the reduction of prices.

What platforms can run with XephStratus?

XephStratus can run any web site, third party software, server software or custom applications developed in the same way as would a traditional server.

Our Cloud supports any Operating System from Ubuntu Server LTS to Windows 2008.

In sum, XephStratus provides the environment to all kinds of servers where any kind of performed tasks can be created. It is flexible and not restrictive, deals with any type of software and operating system that our customers may use.

Why Vurbia is reliable?

Our Cloud is designed to provide the highest levels of availability and reliability. This is accomplished using optimized hardware, proven software and, above all, using high levels of redundancy in most levels of our system.

How does Vurbia protect my data?

Vurbia uses a method of distributed storage to protect our customer's data. This eliminates single points of failure by the multiplication of the nodes. All data is stored on RAID 10 with hardware RAM controllers as a backup. Our RAID 10 offers faster performance and redundancy, each unit can survive simultaneous drive failures, on the same server at the same time. We also provide daily backups and all the units of our clients are fully encrypted on our records. In this way, we can ensure both the privacy and the data security.

How many servers can run simultaneously?

XephStratus account can run up to 60 servers. If any client needs more than 60 servers he can communicate with our CSO and get a specific program to suit his needs.

What is the maximum size that a server can have?

Using XephStratus a server can be configured with up to eight virtual processors, 64GB of memory and 7 TB of storage.

How fast I can scale and de-scale my resources?

You can increase or decrease the size of any server and have an immediate impact. With XephStratus changes in resources are simple, fast and automated.

How fast I can climb my XephStratus environment?

With our copy of the server, any client can scale their environment XephStratus with one click. It's that simple. The role of the server copy is to reproduce in identical from a source server, so there is no need to reload applications every time you want to scale your environment.

What kind of support is included?

Our XephStratus customers receive full access to our online knowledge database and unlimited support of our XephStratus Community.

What happens if you upgrade the software? My servers can continue to work?

Changes in our software do not directly affect your servers in any way, since the servers are autonomous. Our clients have complete control over the resources they create in our system. When we update any of the components of our software, we do it thinking about giving a better service to our customers. This includes a migration that is imperceptible to them, speaking of the change itself, and results in a significant improvement in the capabilities of our platform.

What guarantee do I have about uptime and reliability of this operation?

We provide an integral service in clear agreement with our SLA. We guarantee the availability of customer data 24/7.

How I can manage and control my account?

There are two main interfaces that can be used to control and account on servers. We have a very complete and intuitive interface. This interface allows you to check the status of your account, view past and current use, as well as to start, stop, resize, add and remove instances, resources and memory.

We also have a comprehensive API that allows the same actions that the web interface from a command line or using our automated scripts.

Can I control XephStratus through API?

Currently, we have a completely custom API that enables our customers to enjoy the unique features in our platform. These features include persistent servers, server clusters and more.

Do I need any specific knowledge to use XephStratus?

XephStratus does not require any specific knowledge to implement and manage their environments. Our graphical user interface is very easy to use. Furthermore, you can delegate part of your administration to Vurbia.