XephStratus Managed Hosting provides enterprise-class computing environments with expert, 24x7 management and support of those environments’ core services—including database, security, monitoring, backup, and storage management. It’s available on any XephStratus Dedicated, Cloud, or seamlessly integrated environment, and designed for large, multi-faceted deployments.

Because XephStratus Managed Hosting leverages our fully-automated platform, we are able to provide unprecedented deployment times, higher reliability, streamlined services, and unparalleled pricing—plus the opportunity to self-manage some parts of your environment while our certified team handles the rest.

Altogether, that means XephStratus Managed Hosting brings you application options, performance, and a level of flexibility that no other provider can match.

Key Advantages

  • One-business-day provisioning of servers, operating systems, and basic applications
  • Automated deployment and management for lower risk of human error
  • 24x7 support from certified support and engineering team
  • Highly competitive pricing for lower total cost of operations
  • Monthly contracts with no long-term commitment
  • Executive dashboard and real-time reporting and status