XephStratus Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple XephStratus Compute instances. It allows customers to achieve a higher tolerance for failure in their applications, providing the perfect amount of load balancing capabilities needed in response to incoming application traffic.

XephStratus Load Balancing detects unhealthy cases within every instances and automatically reroutes traffic to healthy instances until the unhealthy instances have been restored. Customers can enable XephStratus Load Balancing within a single cluster or across multiple clusters for even more consistent application performance.

Load Balancers On-Demand

  • Dedicated (static) IP address
  • Easy to set up, use and manage
  • Supports multiple protocols & algorithms
  • Built-in high availability
  • Access via online control panel and open API
  • Mix and match virtual and dedicated servers
  • No long-term contracts

How It Works

Purchase Your Cloud Load Balancer

Use the "Create Load Balancer" API operation or the "add load balancer" feature in the cloud control panel.

Configure Your Cloud Load Balancer

Using our online control panel and API, define name, protocol, port, algorithm, and which servers you need load balanced.

Your Cloud Load Balancer is Online in Just a Few Minutes

Each cloud load balancer can be customized or removed as your needs change.