Independent Scalable Resources

On XephStratus you can specify exactly how much CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth you require. It's also important to consider that we don’t bundle resources together. You won’t have to purchase bundled RAM which you don’t need. If you need a lot of storage but less CPU and RAM, likewise there's no problem. Because there are no ‘standard‘ server sizes among our client's needs, there are no ‘standard‘ server sizes in our cloud.

Virtual Servers and Traditional Servers

Users can start, stop and restart virtual servers just like traditional servers. Users can mount and unmount volumes and customize networking settings like adding a static IP or VLAN.

Run any Operating System and Software you want

There aren't any restrictions on the operating systems or software that you run on your instances. As long as the operating system can run on standard Intel/AMD architecture, XephStratus will be the best choise for you to look at.

CPU, RAM and Storage Allocation

We offer a minimum CPU availability proportional to reserved size. At times when the CPU is not fully allocated, virtual server instances on our cloud will actually have MORE CPU allocated to them compared to what the user is paying for. Vurbia uses the latest generation of virtualization technology guarantees fully reserved RAM and storage allocations without over-subscription.

Our servers are persistent

Once created, whether a server is started or stopped, it will remain in that user’s account ready to use. Likewise, all storage is written to a user’s virtual volumes. Data written to virtual volumes persists and is available independently of it's current association. Our instances are widely persistent.

Redundancy and Failover

If there is a software or hardware failure that causes a host to stop working, the instances will be automatically restarted on a different, healthy physical host. Automatic redundancy and failover allows our users to configure their virtual server's software to continue working automatically after a server restart. Our users can manually reboot a virtual server instance at any time.

Control via API and Web Console

We allow all account actions to be executed via our API and our web console. We want to give maximum flexibility and control to users of our cloud. Our costumers are able to access and control their virtual server instances and volumes on many levels, irrespective of technical ability and experience.

Service Level Agreement

Our platform doesn’t lock you in to specific programming languages or API. Your existing Windows and Linux applications can run on XephStratus Compute—off the shelf and with no modification.

Compatible with Your Existing Apps

Many new companies and individuals are migrating to cloud computing, finding new, innovative and better ways of accomplishing old tasks. We want our users to communicate and share ideas and software from within our web console on a secure and opt-in basis. And of course, we present a very simple and friendly-user interface for doing that.

Console Access

Our integrated console function is like plugging a keyboard and monitor directly into the back of the cloud. Reconfigure network settings, watch your machine boot and perform other under-the-network management functions.