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Access Trail is now IBM Cloud Activity Tracker


IBM Cloud Activity Tracker   is the new name for IBM Access Trail for Bluemix Activity Tracker is an IBM Cloud service that offers an integrated Cloud solution for your DevOps team and your Security team to monitor activity in the IBM Cloud.
The demand for gaining visibility into cloud ecosystems is continuing to grow, not only for security, but also for compliance, DevOps and capacity planning purposes.
Activity Tracker tracks interaction of users and applications with your IBM Cloud Services.Spend less time instrumenting how you collect and monitor interactions of your apps and users with Cloud services, and more time enhancing your application’s value.
From a single view, cloud administrators, cloud security officers, and developers gain visibility into your Cloud activity.

Automatic collection of events in the IBM Cloud.
  • Activity Tracker automatically captures events that are generated by any user or application interaction with any of the IBM Cloud services that you have provisioned in the IBM Cloud.
    Gain insights into your environment to monitor and investigate security breaches.
  • Capture user and application interactions with your provisioned IBM Cloud resources.
  • Investigate possible security breaches or unauthorized access.Get Cloud transparency for your DevOps teams to debug and perform capacity planning.
  • Cloud activity events provide transparency into your IT operations on the IBM Cloud.
  • Identify when and how your Cloud services are used to isolate and debug your applications.
  • Query collected data over time to anticipate your Cloud growth and seasonal needs.