Design Agency

The case

A company is managing, at the same time, the development of a number of websites and mobile applications different from each other for their customers. At the end of the process of optimization and stability testing of the system the customers can choose to keep a solution by the agency or opt for a solution in-house on those sites and those applications.

Characteristics of the projects to address:

1. Variation in the demand for computing resources by type of project that are involved

2. Individual resource's management from each plan

3. Rapid prototyping and testing in controlled environments

4. Usage of multiple platforms

5. Needed for optimization of system stability tests

Classical solution

The company has a number of servers dedicated to the development of test runs on different platforms. These servers are managed in a center. Once a project is completed the client's website is migrated to a virtual server managed by the agency or to the hosting service that the company uses.

This approach has a number of disadvantages:

  • Since hardware resources are fixed, the projects must be developed to fit the available hardware rather than vice versa   
  • The company can only afford, realistically, a limited number of test environments, which limits the optimization
  • During certain times the hardware resources are overused and sometimes underutilized
  • The stability tests of the system are limited by the hardware resource's availability, to large customers this is not ideal
  • Upon completion, the projects should be migrated to a new platform

XephStratus solution


  • It fits the changing needs of computing resources according to the characteristics of each project
  • XephStratus can deploy multiple virtual dedicated servers for each customer trial. These servers can be running simultaneously, and their size can change to conform perfectly the needs of each project
  • With XephStratus, different servers can be used together or stay in hibernation and be used only for periodic testing
  • The company can build and test multiple cores for optimal performance and reference them to each project in an appropriate way
  • Enables the multiplication of computing resources during short periods of stability testing and system scalability   
  • Upon completion, the working server becomes the primary server without any migration
  • Asset Management online manually or automatically

The result is a site tested in a larger number of environments, better optimized, more resistant to high loads and with a history of recognized scalability. Its performance is monitored through two simple and easy-to-use tools: our Application Programming Interface (API) and our Web Platform.

Main advantages

With XephStratus Solutions a web design agency gains responsiveness and adaptability to different environments of their computing resources. It furthermore, acquires the ability to scale each project according to the implementation stage where they are.

Using XephStratus Solution a company is favored by:

  • An increase in customer service and a simultaneous reduction in cost in computational resources
  • Unlimited scalability without additional costs
  • Incorporating a wider range of test environments designed specifically for each project
  • Complete control of the optimization and stability testing of the system even at the kernel
  • The management of each project individually and the monitoring of computing resource's usage in real time
  • The cancellation of the need to migrate a project once it is ready for its implementation
  • The ability to work for multiple customers without having to worry about the lack of liquidity caused by the advance of hardware costs

With the adoption of the platform XephStratus a web design agency can, therefore, adapt to the exact customer needs and deliver a specifically tailored development.