Physical Servers

It is an undeniable reality that all hardware has failures at one time or another. To avoid loss of data availability it is essential to incorporate as much redundancy as possible, thus eliminating single points of failure. Vurbia Technologies's Cloud runs on an infrastructure created specifically thinking about this issue.

Power units

Lack of power supply has no effect on the availability of our servers. The lack of server power supplies is a major cause of loss of availability.

Fast drives

We provide SAS drives which are fast, widely redundant and have a quick time for reading and writing.


Our units are managed by specialized hardware RAID 10. Our RAID 10 contain a RAM memory of the disk activity and are supported by batteries. RAID 10 allow us to rebuild very quickly our units in case of power or disk failures, thus minimizing losses of bytes or data availability.

Other features of our servers

Redundancy's networking card

Breach of a network card will not affect the availability of that server. Each server has four independent output connections.

Servers with IPMI 2.0 technology

All our servers use IPMI 2.0 technology, one of the most searched in the market. Because it enables our technical engineers to be constantly monitoring all the servers in each rack. Furthermore, in the infrequent event of a hardware failure or a freeze on the software, our team will be automatically being alerted via email and SMS.

8 Cores

With the addition of CPU cores, virtualization performance has been improved. Vurbia Technologies provides 8 Cores in each server, which translates into better performance for virtual servers.

Distributed storage solution

Google, Yahoo and several other companies, we do not use SAN (Storage Area Networks), instead we chose a distributed storage solution. Distributed storage provides much higher levels of redundancy and resilience. SAN makes more sense when applied to traditional companies with individual web hosting. Not so in the case of Infrastructure as a Service platform like the ones provided by Vurbia Technologies.