Platform Advantages

Agility and Adaptability

Using our Cloud you will gain new levels of agility and adaptability, being able to track and manage the demand you are facing in real-time. The automation of resources also enables you to react to changing demands without having to invest your time on that matter. We are able to respond and ensure that our customers receive a speed service. Read more

XephStratus grants full control of the API of your account allowing the automation of its resources. Many customers implement an automatic escalation, both horizontally and vertically, to maintain the desired levels of performance against the changing demand trends. We complement our powerful API with a graphical browser-based user interface and a tool for resource management that lets you easily control your computing assets.


Our Cloud offers horizontal and vertical scalability. The first kind of scalability can quickly change the number of independent instances to match fluctuations on demand. Vertical scalability permits you to change quickly the size of the instances themselves in a flexible way. Basically, the elasticity associated with the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables a rapid downscale as well as a high speed upscale. These results in significant facilities to meet peak demand. You pay only for what you use.

Reliability and Availability

Moving to a public cloud such as XephStratus means you benefit from the economies of scale, form part of a large-scale hosting operation. We count on a dedicated staff with specialist knowledge to ensure that our platform run smoothly without disruptions. Our Cloud is built from the ground to produce a reliable service that eliminates and minimizes interruptions and data loss. Read more

This is achieved by using high levels of redundancy in the way of storing our data and key hardware components that are essential for the proper functioning of our service. By migrating to the cloud, our clients benefit from our expertise and substantial investment in a robust hardware and software platform. Similarly, all our servers are located in high security environment, dedicated data centers, which ensure the physical integrity of your bytes. We are transparent and open about our infrastructure and we are proud of the additional investment we've made to ensure that our customers have the highest levels of reliability and service.

Quality of Service

We understand that the quality of our service is of vital importance for our customers. That's why we are able to offer a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) with compensation for service interruptions highly qualified.