Company Overview

Our Name

The name Vurbia derives from the latin word "Verbum"

Verbum: noun (vər-bəm) energy, vitality. The name reflects the scope of Vurbia's mission: to put the world's information and digital media into motion and make it universally accessible.


XephStratus offers customers optimal usability with minimal resources; by creating and delivering affordable, creative, and agile solutions. Our goal is to develop a simple and integrated platform that combines Cloud Computing (IaaS), Configuration Management and Automation and Value Added Services.

The result will be the simplest IaaS solution available, eliminating all interference and obstacles.


Vurbia's vision is to be one of the global referents for cloud computing services by making infrastructure and value added services dead simple and transparent. Consequently, we will allow organizations of all sizes forget about infrastructure and focus on their core business resulting to a leveling of the playing field and a better Internet.


We deliver innovative, simple, integrated infrastructure and value-added services that contemplate the full spectrum of our customers' needs. Universal and transparent auto-scaling, automatic re-configuration and collective intelligence are the pillars of the Hive, the base of our world-class cloud federation.